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About Us

Jennifer Hooks, Owner Chic Society Boutique

Mother, daughter, sister, wife, entrepreneur. Jennifer Hooks, owner of Chic Society Boutique knows the power of networking, prayer, faith, determination, and hard work. She is taking the business world by storm with her Chic Society brand. Chic Society is more than an online store; it is a lifestyle. It represents everyday women who want to carry the best handbags and wear great accessories from vacationing on the beach to the boardroom.

"I've always wanted to create a business that represented women like myself while also empowering them. I am thankful to be able to live it daily through my boutique and my Luxe Life Mixer brand."

Though Chic Society Boutique made it's debut in 2013, the dream to pursue entrepreneurship began years before. Mrs. Hooks has always had a love of handbags and would assist friends and family with finding bags. Handbags are her favorite gift to give. She told those in her circle in 2010 that she would create a store where women who love bags could purchase them. 2011 came and Mrs. Hooks started working on building her online store. Shortly after starting her research she became pregnant with her son, Jayden. She then decided to put her dream on hold until he was born in 2012. With the help and support of her husband, Mrs. Hooks decided to continue building her dream in 2013. She was determined to not let being a busy wife, mother, and full time employee stop her dreams of opening an online store. After much research and prayer Chic Society Boutique debuted online November 15, 2013.

"Before starting my business I was told by so many people that I couldn't have it all. That's so untrue. A woman can be a mother, wife, and a successful entrepreneur at once. The key is knowing how to manage your time and separating business and personal life as much as possible."

Mrs. Hooks did not stop there. She used social media to connect with the owner of a popular Los Angeles based women's clothing boutique, to participate in her traveling sip and shop. This was definitely something different for the Birmingham area. Jennifer had never been to or participated in a sip and shop due to the lack of them in her area, but she knew that it would be a way to make money and gain new clients. After a successful sip and shop she then decided it would be great to have one to showcase other local businesses, gain more clientele, while promoting positivity in her hometown of Birmingham, Alabama. The Luxe Life Mixer was born.

After starting her business with $500 and determination, Jennifer Hooks is building a brand that will not only house her boutique and mixers, but will also feature her own line of handbags, a non-profit foundation to assist women in business, and a host of empowerment activities. Her goal is to be an example to women around the world that anything is possible when you have faith. In less than a year's time she has opened her store, participated in several sip and shops in various states, co-hosted mixers locally, made radio appearances, and put Chic Society Boutique products into the hands of several celebrities. She is a woman who had a dream and decided to go for it.

"I believe handbags are as essential as underwear. We carry the lives of ourself and family in our handbag so it may as well be done with great style and quality."